Content Cubed is an in house social media content creation and consulting service with a focus on inclusion, body positivity and empowerment. Sit down with us and in just one meeting you'll learn about tools and processes to streamline your workflow, get advice on your social strategy and learn how to optimize your branding across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and many other platforms. We are ready and able to take any part of your social media needs off of your hands -- whether it's creating curated content, writing hashtag calls to action, engaging with your user base, connecting with influencers or fully managing your accounts cross platform. Let us help make your work work for you!

  • Cross platform visual content production

  • Custom hashtag creation

  • Social media strategy

  • Influencer connection

  • User engagement

  • Management strategies and tools

  • Visual content strategy

  • Asset auditing


  • Hashtag creation
  • Still Photography
  • Video/Animation
  • Illustration

  • Typography & Design

  • Text Animation

  • Image editing / retouching


  • FIRE SESSION: $150. 30 min phone session that takes a quick look at one account, advises tools and software and tips you can achieve on your own to boost your look & feel and engagement.
  • Level 1 consult: $700. above plus Includes a look at your accounts across varied social media platforms, asset evaluation, integration of your business plan into a visual strategy, outline for next steps.
  • Level 2 consult: $1400. above plus introduction to programs you can use to manage your media yourself, polish your imagery, create an uptick in your metrics and engage more followers. Also included in this package is an asset audit to help you make the work that you already have work for you.
  • Custom call to action hashtag creation: $500
  • Full content creation and management: $4k+/monthly : includes all content creation, custom hashtags, asset audit, color scheming, user engagement services.
  • Ala Carte: Influencer engagement, as-you-go content creation, image editing and retouching, visual planning and strategy.